Root Rake for 1.7t Excavator

Root Rake for 1.7t Excavator


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $0

This tool is ideal for digging out tree lines with roots. It rakes the soil and breaks the roots up ready for the next stage in the soil preparation.

Please note that the 1.7t Excavator is an extra charge on top of the root rake.


Spec Sheet 1.7


Tow ball: 1 7/8″, Digging Depth: 2200mm, Reach: 1925mm, Width of Excavator: 950 – 1280mm, Height of Excavtor with ROPS: 2.4m

Special Requirements

Ear Protection, Eye Protection


Root Rake with Excavator requires towing vehicle capability of up to 3 tonne.

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