1.7ton Excavator and 4ton Tip Truck Combo

1.7ton Excavator and 4ton Tip Truck Combo


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges: $Fuel – Diesel; Pick, Root Rake

Weighs 2.9 ton including the trailer

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Trailer Operator Checklist

Spec Sheet

1.7t Excavator

Tow ball: 1 7/8″, Digging Depth: 2200mm, Reach: 1925mm, Width of Excavator: 950 – 1280mm, Height of Excavator with ROPS: 2.4m

Special Requirements

Ear Protection, Eye Protection


Ensure your vehicle is capable of towing 2.5 tonne.


Tip Truck
Tare: 4,300kg | GVM: 7,964kg | 5120cc | Width mirror to mirror 2.4m

Special Requirements
It is automatic and requires a class 2 licence to hire

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a full class 2 drivers licence to drive the 4t tip truck and you will need to organise your own insurance. Your drivers licence must be presented when collecting the truck.  A $250 bond on a credit or debit card will also be required when hiring the truck.  

T&C Apply, Excavators with 3 buckets, KMS, fuel and augers are extra

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