Toro with Augers Mini Skid Loader

Toro with Augers Mini Skid Loader


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $Fuel – Diesel; Cleaning

The Toro brand skid steer loaders are real performers. With the hydraulic auger attachment fitted, these small machines are capable of digging up to 600mm diameter holes, 1m depth. They are powered by a diesel engine and the operator stands on the back tray to operate. We have a range of auger sizes available, 200mm, 300mm 450mm and 600mm. Transportation is by their own purpose built trailer.


Tow ball: 1 7/8″, Width: 1030mm; Length: 2700mm; Height to hinge pin: 2146mm

Volume 4.3, Water Level .12, Heap 1.5, Bucket Width 1100, Weight of Toro: 1.183kg

Special Requirements

Ear Protection, Footwear Protection, Eyewear Protection


Towing vehicle capable of towing 2 ton

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