Loader 4 ton

Loader 4 ton


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $Fuel – Diesel; Cleaning

This Yanmar 4ton loader is a manouverable 4 wheel hydrostatic drive machine. It comes with a bucket capable of holding 0.6cubic metres of material. It is a great great size for those smaller jobs found on lifestyle blocks or large sections. It is also great on the roads, civil works and the like for loading trucks, shifting soil or similar materials, and general clean up jobs.

It is easy to drive and is road worthy complete with registration for the road up to a 3km radius of our yard, whirly light and horn. If the distance is greater than a 3km radius of our yard, it does need to be transported by either us or will fit on a 5ton+ truck.

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Weight: 4 ton, Height: 2680mm, Length: 4425mm, Bucket Width: 1690mm, Bucket capacity: 0.6cubic metre, Travel Speed: 0-18km/phr

Special Requirements

Hearing protection, safety footwear


Truck Transporter

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