Log Splitters

Log Splitters



Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $Fuel – Petrol, Clean

These log splitters are towed and run on petrol. They are a vertical splitter with a powerful ram. They cut through most wood types and they feature a ring lifter. They have an extra-wide table allowing up to three people to feed, split and clear the wood easily so roll the timber rings onto the ring lifter and start splitting! Be sure to end the day with everyone’s fingers in tact ­čÖé


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Trailer Operator Checklist


Fuel: 91, Knife Height: 400mm, Table Dimensions: 1820mm long and 920mm deep

Special Requirements

Safety Equipment: Hearing protection, glove protection against splinters and protective footwear is advisable.


Towing vehicle must be capable of towing up to 1500kg braked

Instructions for Use

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