Loader 4 ton with Multi-Grapple

Loader 4 ton with Multi-Grapple


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $Fuel – Diesel; Cleaning

The Versatile Grapple must be the most useful tool you could think of because of the number of applications that it’s good for. These include: rocks, logs, tree removal, hay bales, root rake, prunings, rubbish, and much more. The exceptional clamping force and 16mm super high strength tines make this grapple a true multi-tasker.

This piece of equipment attaches to our 4-ton loader and can be either delivered to your site for an extra charge or if you have your Wheels, Tracks, and Roller license and the job is within a short distance of Rolleston, it is registered to drive on the road.

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Width: 1.6m; Weight: 390kg; Minimum HP: 100

Special Requirements

Ear Protection, Footwear Protection


Truck Transporter

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