2.5 ton Bomag Combination Roller

2.5 ton Bomag Combination Roller


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges: Fuel


This 2.5 ton combination BOMAG roller is a great light tandem roller ideal for site works, dairy lanes, roading, car parks and asphalt. It complements our  4 ton Bomag  rollers.

Comfortable Compaction Work
The response of the control lever is very pleasant; reversing is modulated and very precise. Drum vibration can be activated selectively for the front or rear only, or for both drums. In tandem with the IVC (Intelligent Vibration Control) system, the exciter system guarantees consistent compaction and reliable operation at all times.

Highest Quality for Tough Everyday On-site Operation

  • BOMAG-vibration system with proverbial operating reliability.
  • Bonnet made of special impact-resistant plastic.
  • Reliable and economical Kubota engines.
  • Braided cables ensure trouble-free electrics.

Special Requirements

Ear protection, Eye Protection, Gloves, Safety footwear


Not towable – Pick up or Delivered via our Truck

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