4 ton Twin Steel Drum Roller

4 ton Twin Steel Drum Roller


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Extra Charges: Fuel

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This 4 ton combination BOMAG roller is a great light tandem roller ideal for site works, dairy lanes, roading, car parks and asphalt. It complements our  4 ton Bomag Combination roller and our 2.5 ton Twin Steel Twin Drum Roller
Specifications for Bomag Steel Twin Drum Roller

Overall Length: 2840 mm | Height: with ROPS 2703mm | Drum Width: 1380mm | Rolling Width: 1380mm | Drum Diameter: 900mm
Operating Weight: 4400 kg |Weight – Front 2200 kg | Weight – Rear: 2200 kg

The combination Roller has some pretty cool features too:
  • Seat Heating
  • Economizer display – Shows the compaction status of the road structure – Saves time and money.
  • You can also download an app and it tracks the roller and records how many passes you have done.
  • Seat can move to and from the center to allow the driver to see where they are rolling.

Special Requirements

Ear protection, Eye Protection, Gloves, Safety footwear


Not towable – Pick up or Delivered via our Truck

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