NZLA Ultimate Fine Fescue Grass Seed 1kg & 5kg

NZLA Ultimate Fine Fescue Grass Seed 1kg & 5kg






NZLA Ultimate Fine Fescue seed is a blend for home lawn use. A mixture of creeping red fescue and chewing fescue, this blend makes it easy to control foreign grasses and weeds with chemical selective herbicides. Benefits include a low fertility requirement, low maintenance and exceptional drought tolerance.


NZLA recommends applying Starter Fertiliser at the time of seeding to give your new lawn the essential nutrients it needs. There’s a huge variation in results from those who use Starter Fertiliser and those who skip it. Your lawn will struggle without the correct nutrients to feed it during establishment. Starter Fertiliser can be reapplied after six weeks if you have some left, alternatively you can then switch to NZLA All Seasons.

Control foreign grasses with NZLA HALO once the turf is older than 6 months.

Application rate of 2.5-4kg/100m2

Oversowing rate of 1-2.5kg/100m2

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