Grass Seed – Legacy 1kg and 5kg

Grass Seed – Legacy 1kg and 5kg

The Legacy Lawn seed is a popular seed due to the quality and the hardiness of the seed. You will end up with lush dark green lawns that are resilient.

Features: –

  • excellent wear tolerance, fine/average texture
  • good drought tolerance and average mowing frequency
  • suites a wide range of soil types fertility situations
  • seed mix established quickly
  • Hard wearing grass seed is a blend of Turf Perennial Rye grass and Chewings Fescue

Turf rye grasses are quick and easy to establish. Turf perennial rye grasses are bred to have a low growing habit and should not be confused with their pastoral (paddock) cousins. Also, they are selected for dark green colours, low inputs, disease resistance, very high density, and fine leaf texture. Turf rye grasses are extremely fast at establishing and therefore frequently used for overseeding where rapid transition is desired.

Chewing fescues are very shade and drought tolerant and will stand close mowing. Chewing fescue is not quite as wear tolerant as other fescues but can be mown lower and prefers to grow on sandy soils of low fertility and high acidity. The predominant use of Chewing fescue grass seed is as an addition to other grass seed mixtures for better diversity.

  • 1kg – $18.50
  • 5kg – $75.50

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