NZLA Liquid Starter – New Lawns 1L & 5L

NZLA Liquid Starter – New Lawns 1L & 5L








Liquid Starter is a professional grade foliar fertiliser designed to be applied to the foliage of the turf, a method of application which is often deemed the most efficient avoiding nutrient losses in the soil. While designed for use throughout the year, Liquid Starter is best suited to use during times when turf root development is required.

The high amount of phosphorus (P), plant available zinc (Zn) and inclusion of kelp concentrate, all act to stimulate root growth. Ideal situations of use for Liquid Starter include during seed establishment, following renovation or scarrifying, or when recovery is required on injured or stressed turf.

It’s a great product to apply leading up to renovation season. Plant recovery time after renovation is linked to plant health prior to renovation. Weak turf and poor root system going into renovation will result in a long recovery post-renovation. Applications of Liquid Starter in the lead up to a renovation will pre-condition the turf to better cope with the stresses during renovation. It will stimulate new root development through the contained phosphorus and kelp. Phosphorus is a key element for energy production within the turf, and its application will increase root growth and carbohydrate reserves.

100-200ml per 100m2 in 5L of water.

We currently have 1L and 5L available.

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