NZLA Iron+1L & 5L

NZLA Iron+1L & 5L








NZLA IRON+ is a liquid fertiliser containing 6% iron. It harnesses plant carbohydrates within the solution to boost nutrient uptake, so you get the most out of every application.
NZLA IRON+ can be used as a foliar and/or soil drench on all turfgrasses and landscape plants to provide iron as part of a complete and balanced nutrition programme.

Application rates:

Foliar: 200-400ml in 5 litres of water per 100m2 every 15-30 days during the growing season.

Soil Application: 200-400ml in 5 litres of water per 100m2 followed by 3-6mm of irrigation every 15-30 days.

We currently have 1L and 5L available.

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