Dual Axel Transporter (4.2m x 1.92m)

Dual Axel Transporter (4.2m x 1.92m)


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $Tyre punctures, wire rope

Car Transporter with a winch. Comes with ramps that are stored over the mud-guards and a jack on the back right corner providing the extra stability when driving/winching on a vehicle. It comes with electric braking. Used to shift cars, vintage vehicles and tractors amongst others.

Trailer Operator Checklist


Dimensions: Inside (1980mm width x 4290mm Length), Electric Braking, Rated: 2.5 tonne

Special Requirements

Suitable vehicle capable of pulling an extra long trailer that weighs just under a tonne empty. Ensure the trailer plug is attached correctly and that the brake and indicator lights are all working. Leave the electric braking system alone, we will ensure it is dialled to the correct weight before you leave.


Vehicle must be capable of towing up to 2.5ton or 3.5ton

Instructions for Use 3.5ton rated trailer

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Instructions for Use 2.5ton rated trailer

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