Flat Deck Tandem Trailer 3.5m x 2m

Flat Deck Tandem Trailer 3.5m x 2m


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $0

This tandem axle 3.5m x 2m flat deck trailer with a headboard 650mm in length is great for carting baleage, hay or anything else where side access would be useful to get it on and off the trailer. It is also legally capable of carrying a 6m pack of timber. It comes with two ramps if required.

This trailer is rated to 2500 kgs, its tare weight is 860 kgs so is legally capable of carrying 1640kg maximum.

Trailer Operator Checklist


Width: 2m; Length: 3.5m; Braked 2.5ton

Special Requirements


Towing vehicle must be capable of towing up to 2.5 ton

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