Ballast Rock 65/40

Ballast Rock 65/40







What Is Ballast Rock Used For?

Ballast rock, which can also be called ballast stones, is a stone material that is primarily used in the construction of railroads, but also serves other useful construction purposes. The purpose of ballast rock is to provide stability while also allowing for easy drainage. Our 40-65mm ballast stone is ideal for this type of construction. The nature of this stone aggregate allows for the weight of heavy loads to be evenly distributed. With ballast rock, you won’t run into the problem of “soft” areas because of moisture or rainwater. The properties of this coarse rock also discourage plant growth from occurring, making it more difficult for vegetation to damage railways or other pathways. Traditionally, a “ballast” was a heavy object in the hold of a ship that maintained its stability in rough waves, hence its usage in this context; it provides stability and dependability in the most demanding of environments.

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