Titan Zero Turn Ride On Mower 48″ Cut

Titan Zero Turn Ride On Mower 48" Cut

Day                          Half Day                          24 Hours 

                                                              $210                      $140                             $280

Extra Charges :$Possible fuel, cleaning

This ride on mower has a cut of 1.11m (48″) and is is zero turn. It is ideal for lifestyle block lawns and light commercial mowing, it is easy to operate and maneouvre especially around tight spots like trees and garden edging. Be sure to ensure that there no rocks, large stones, hose pipe, string, twine, cabbage leaves etc that will create issues for the engine or blades lying on the ground before commencing mowing. It is transported on it’s own trailer making it easy to get to your site.

To top paddocks have a look at the tractors with mowers/toppers/slashers


Cut width: 1.2m (48″), Motor: Kawasaki, Speed: 13.7 kph, Length: , Machine Height: , Cutting Height: 38mm – 114mm 3

Special Requirements

Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, Suitable Footwear


Towing vehicle must be capable of towing up to 1000kg

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