Scissor Lift Electric (Slab, 6m)

Scissor Lift Electric (Slab, 6m)


Half Day

24 Hour




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This battery powered scissor lift is ideal for working on hard surfaces such as concrete floors. It has non-marking tyres and is great for those inside jobs such as warehouses or larger construction sites. It has an extendable deck that rolls out and has the ability to drive while the platform is raised. The platform height is 6.1 metres, the deck extension is 0.91m and it comes with it’s own trailer.

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Trailer Operator Checklist


Platform Height: 6.10m; Working Height: 8.10m; Platform Length: 2.6m; Platform length extended: 3.1m; Wheelbase width: 1.85m; Width: 0.81m; Lift Capacity: 363kgs; Outside Turning Radius: 2.13m

Special Requirements

Hearing protection


Trailered 2.5 ton rated

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