Rotary Hoe for Kubota 4600 Tractor

Rotary Hoe for Kubota 4600 Tractor


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $40hp Tractor

This Rotary Tiller is matched to the Kubota L3800 Tractor. It has a 185 cm commercial-duty tilling width capacity. It can be easily raised and lowered using the tractor hydraulic lift, and as adjustable skid shoes. It has 9 flanges and 6 tine blades per flange. It uses a 3 point hitch and is suitable for tractor sizes 30-50 hp.

Before the rotary tiller is used, the soil needs first to have been worked over such as raked, picked, sprayed, etc… We have also available to hire a ripper and a grubber to work the soil over before using the rotary hoe.

The purpose of the rotary tiller is to break the turf down and to leave a nice seedbed. It chops up the matted turf making it easier to lay a seedbed of grass.

Pricing does not include the Kubota 3800 or Kubota 4600 tractors, please add the tractor cost to the attachment cost.

This attachment is only hired with our tractor


Overall width: 2007mm, Width of cut: 1584mm, Rotor diameter: 406mm, Driveline: ASA 100 roller chain, Drive: tractor 540rpm PTO, Rotor rpm:264rpm, Tilling Depth (maximum): 178mm, Weight: 303kg approx

Special Requirements

Hearing protection, safety footwear, eye protection.


Towing vehicle must be capable of towing up to 3000kg

Request a booking - We'll let you know if it is available