Fertiliser Spreader

Fertiliser Spreader


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $0

This spreader will apply seed and fertilizers with a variable rate dial that ensures accurate delivery. It is driven by the wheels as the spreader is towed and is designed for being towed by a quad bike, but can be towed behind any vehicle. A lever attached to the unit regulates the amount of fertilizer that is applied to the spinner.


Trailer Operator Checklist


Single lever clutch, Galvanised steel frame, Adjustable stainless steel spinner, Capacity: 200l or 3.5 bags of urea

Special Requirements

Firm footwear required, eye protection, mask and gloves (cotton for general dirt and dust). Not registered to be transported by road, trailer is available.


Less than 1ton towing

Request a booking - We'll let you know if it is available