Dehumidifier 40L

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Dehumidifier 40L


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $0

This dehumidifier is a heavy-duty machine capable of removing up to 40Ltrs per day (30 degrees celsius). It has an efficient water extraction system – be sure to have the attached hose into a bucket or trailing outside.

It is ideal for carpet drying and flood restoration work drawing out moisture from the carpet, underlay, walls, sub-floor, building structure, and furnishings. Other applications can include drying rooms, pool areas, food processing, archive storage, and much more.

The carpet dryers/blowers are also a useful addition to dry out carpet that has been flooded.


Draws up to 40L over a 24 hour period

Special Requirements

Ensure you have a bucket in order for the dehumidifier to drain into or put the draining hose into the shower or out the door/window.


Able to be carried

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