Combo – Brazier and Spit 3 Basket

Combo - Brazier and Spit 3 Basket


Half Day

24 Hour


Extra Charges :$0

Use the 3 basket spit for that smaller crowd. Put in rolled pork, beef or lamb and/or chickens and get that scrummy moist meat. Add with salads or vegetables, bread and whatever else for that delicious meal.

Use the brazier to keep those who want some fresh air and chat, warm. It is 900mm in diameter and 600mm wide with a collection ash tray that gets a lot of the ash….

Operating Guide


Baskets are 500mm in length

Special Requirements

Spit uses gas, use appropriate safety measures when cooking with gas and dealing with fire. Brazier takes wood, be sure to have it an open space some distance from buildings.


Ute or small trailer

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