Cold Water Blaster

Cold Water Blaster


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Extra Charges : $Fuel – 91 Petrol

With its reliable 4 stroke engine, this ToolPRO Petrol Pressure Washer will give you trouble free use, packs enough pressure for most extreme cleaning conditions. The compact motor pumps out a massive 2900 PSI output pressure which makes cleaning driveways, decks, brickworks, patios, and roofs a breeze. It can easily tackle car washing duties, and will blast the grime off even the filthiest of 4x4s.

The ToolPRO petrol pressure washer features a unique interchangeable nozzle design allowing you to quickly switch between 4 included nozzles to adjust your spray pattern. The patterns range from a wide fan spray, suitable for lighter work such as cleaning decks and driveways – through to a zero degree pencil spray, for cutting through the most stubborn dirt and stains. There is also a low pressure setting for applying suds and detergent. With a generous 8m hose, you’ll be able to get into those hard to reach areas, without needing to move the unit around too much – although moving the pressure washer around is super easy thanks to its light but sturdy frame, and large diameter wheels. 

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PSI pressure: 2900, 6.5HP 4 stroke engine, 8L of water per minute, 8m hose, 3.5L capacity

Special Requirements

Ear protection


Able to be carried

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