Belt Sander 75mm

Belt Sander 75mm


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This Belt Sander is suitable for finishing timber or weatherboards etc in preparation for painting or varnish. Not suitable for large areas. The sanding position is visible through a transparent cover, has a variable speed by dial and large trigger and a soft grip handle and sub handle, efficient for corner sanding.


Belts: 75mm x 533mm, Length 374mm. Weight 7.3kg. 1040 watts. Belt speed 350 m/min.

Special Requirements

Safety Precautions: Use a transformer or RCD. Hold firmly in both hands. Belt should not be in contact with workpiece when started. Do not use in wet/damp conditions. Empty dustbag regularly. Safety Equipment: Hearing protection, mask, eye protection and gloves suitable for dust and dirt protection.


Able to be carried

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