1.5ton Roller

1.5ton Roller


Half Day

24 Hour




Extra Charges : $Fuel – Diesel

This roller is a double steel drum roller that has the option of one or both drums vibrating. It is great for use in the small to medium construction sites, in maintenance, car parks and landscaping. It is a very efficient machine when in use on sub-layers as well as on asphalt compaction. The drums are offset allowing the operator to watch one drum up against a wall, kurb or channel.

This roller comes on a trailer weighing in total approximately 2.5tonne or we can deliver to your site (POA).

Trailer Operator Checklist


Weight: 1500kg, Drum width: 820mm, Drum Thickness: 575mm, Travel Speed: 0-8km/phr, Fuel Tank Capacity: 26 litres, LxWxH: 1862x956x2300

Special Requirements

Hearing protection, safety footwear, vehicle suitable for towing 2.5tonne.


Trailered 2.5 ton rated

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