Chipper 150mm Diameter Chip

Day: $255
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $330

An Arborist 6" (150mm) towable Chipper that has a hydraulic in feed roller that pulls the material into the chipper. It has a rear chute designed to safety specifications designed to prevent limbs from getting caught. The wide throat opening (15cmx23xm) allows heavily forked branches to be fed in easily, reducing the number of chain saw cuts by 100s  per day, increasing output. The vertical hydraulic rollers efficiently crush the material with minimal lateral movement. If the chipper is getting fed too quickly, the in feed roller will automatically slow down and let the chipper catch up. It is powered by a diesel motor.

Loader 4ton with Bucket

Day: $297
Half Day: $198
24 hours: $396

This Yanmar 4ton loader is a manouverable 4 wheel hydrostatic drive machine. It comes with a bucket capable of holding 0.6cubic metres of material. It is a great great size for those smaller jobs found on lifestyle blocks or large sections. It is also great on the roads, civil works and the like for loading trucks, shifting soil or similar materials, and general clean up jobs. It is easy to drive and is road worthy complete with registration for the road, whirly light and horn. If traveling some distance, it does need to be transported by either us or will fit on a 5ton+ truck.

Loader 4 ton with Multi-Grapple

Day: $370
Half Day: $310
24 hours: $420

The Versatile Grapple must be the most useful tool you could think of because of the number of applications that it's good for. These include: rocks, logs, tree removal, hay bales, root rake, prunings, rubbish, and much more. The exceptional clamping force and 16mm super high strength tines make this grapple a true multi-tasker.

This piece of eqipment attaches to our 4 ton loader and can be either delivered to your site for an extra charge, or if you have your Wheels, Tracks and Roller licence and the job is within a short distance of Darfield, it is registered to drive on the road.

Log Splitter

Day: $100
Half Day: $80
24 hours: $130

These log splitters are towable and runs on petrol with a Honda motor. We have three available. They are a vertical splitter with a powerful ram cutting through most woods. A ring lifter is attached and is operated by the same lever as the knife and an extra wide table allowing up to three people to feed, split and clear the wood easily. Roll the timber rings on to the ring lifter and start splitting!