Excavator 1.7 tonne with 3 Buckets

Day: $300
Half Day: $205
24 hours: $375

Yanmar 1.7 tonne Excavators with 3 Buckets: Wide Bucket 1000mm, Digging Tilt Bucket (tooth 350mm, Trenching Buckets 250mm or 300mm.

Used for light earth moving jobs, section clearing, digging drainage and cable trenches. These machines are transported on one of our transporters at no extra charge and can be pulled by a suitably sized towing vehicle . They are fitted with rubber tracks. Motive power is by diesel engine. The tracks can be moved out or in to suit access between 950 - 1280mm. It comes on a trailer.

Two other attachments available for the 1.7 tonne excavator include a rock breaker and a pick/ripper. Select the required attachment from the menu for further detail on specifications and pricing.

Weighs 2.9 tonne including the trailer

Root Rake for 1.7t Excavator

Day: $55
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $66

This tool is ideal for digging out tree lines with roots. It rakes the soil and breaks the roots up ready for the next stage in the soil preparation.

Please note that the 1.7t Excavator is an extra charge on top of the root rake.

Pick/ Ripper for 1.7 tonne Excavator

Day: $44
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $44

This pick/ripper is matched to our 1.7 tonne excavator. A useful attachment to pick or rip the ground. It will break up frozen or stoney ground, paved areas, rocks etc...

Additional photos of the 1.7 tonne excavator with the pick/ripper have been provided to illustrate what, combined, they look like. Remember to add the 1.7 tonne excavator to your pricing.

1.2 ton Excavator

Day: $300
Half Day: $205
24 hours: $375

At 1.2 ton and measuring at its smallest width of 1000mm, this is the ideal machine to get access to those narrow spaces around your property. It is also ideal for those trenching jobs in these challenging Canterbury soils to say the least. This excavator comes with three buckets. It can be trailered.

2.5 ton Excavator

Day: $350
Half Day: $250
24 hours: $450

This 2.5ton excavator is the maximum sized trailer that can be trailered. Towing vehilces must be able to tow 3.5 ton. It comes with a tilt diggging, trench and wide set of buckets.

2.2 ton Excavator w tilt bucket

Day: $350
Half Day: $250
24 hours: $475

This 2.2ton excavator has slightly more breakout power and comes with a wide tilt bucket as well as  digging and trench buckets. It comes with it's own trailer and towing vehicles must be capable of towing 3.5ton

Our Fleet of Excavators

Day: $
Half Day: $
24 hours: $

Our fleet of Excavators ranging in size from 1.2 ton, 1.7ton, 2.2ton and 2.5 ton. Several options available - water race buckets, picks, root rake, bulk digging bucket, tilt buckets and augers. Up to 2.5ton Excavators are trailerable - towing vehicles must be capable of towing these excavators on their trailers. Enquiries are welcomed.

Boring Head and auger for our 2.2 ton Excavator

Day: $150
Half Day: $110
24 hours: $190

Boring head and augers for our 2.2ton Excavator. Works a treat! Auger sizes are 600mm, 300mm and 200mm in diameter.
When pricing, be sure to include the price of the excavator.