Diesel Heater 1 burner

Day: $80
Half Day: $60
24 hours: $100

This infra red diesel heater is smaller than our 2 burner Diesel Heater. With the infra red technology it is able to transfer heat directly to the object without loss of heat or air movement. It is easy to use and holds up to 35L of diesel. It has one burner with one power setting (On). It is ideal for heating up medium sized spaces such as woolsheds for parties, workshops etc.

Diesel Heater 2 burner

Day: $80
Half Day: $60
24 hours: $105

The Val 6 heater produces 32kw and is considered a top of the range heating item. It has 2 levels of heat - High or Low. It is suited for heating larger areas such as workshops, woolsheds or warehouse type buildings. It requires a single phase power supply for operation. A handle is at one end and wheels at the other which makes moving the heater around the building easy. The diesel tank is at the bottom of the heater and holds up to 40L of diesel.


Day: $75
Half Day: $55
24 hours: $105

This dehumidifier is a heavy duty machine capable of removing up to 65Ltrs per day (30 degrees celsius). It has an efficient water extraction system - be sure to have the attached hose into a bucket or trailing outside.

It is ideal for carpet drying and flood restoration work drawing out moisture from carpet, underlay, walls, sub-floor, building structure and furnishings. Other applications can include drying rooms, pool areas, food processing, archive storage and much more.

The carpet dryers/blowers are also a useful addition to dry out carpet that has been flooded.

Carpet Cleaner

Day: $50
Half Day: $40
24 hours: $70

This K'a'rcher carpet cleaner is ideal to clean carpets and upholstory. It comes with the appropriate attachments. Fill the tank with fresh water and add the shampoo. This carpet cleaner sprays the solution onto the carpet or upholstory and sucks it back into the waste water tank which you empty. It is also very useful to suck up excess water from a flood such as the washing machine over-flowing or taps left on.

Wet ' n' Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Day: $45
Half Day: $35
24 hours: $55

This K'a'rcher wet and dry vacuum clleaner is designed to suck up dry or wet material. If features an unique compact and powerful fully automated filter cleaning system. This system enables even highest amounts of fine dust to be picked up with constantly high airflow. An electronic control cuts off the machine when the maximum level is reached.

Dollie Trolley - Piano moving trolley

Day: $20
Half Day: $10
24 hours: $40

This trolley is perfect to use whenever medium-weight objects have to be moved. It is ideal for moving benches, crates, pianos etc. Use in conjunction with one of our furniture trailers

Carpet Dryer

Day: $45
Half Day: $35
24 hours: $55

High air flow fans that are designed for carpet drying. When carpet is wet, lift one edge, place the nose of the fan under carpet and leave running until the carpet is dry. Another handy machine to use in this situation is the large commercial dehumidifier that we also have available.

Sack Barrow

Day: $10
Half Day: $10
24 hours: $15

This sack barrow is handy for shifting most items

Sack Barrow with Blankets

Day: $15
Half Day: $15
24 hours: $20

Sack barrow with a couple of blankets - ideal for when shifting and protecting the furniture.