1.7t Excavator with Tilt Bucket

1.7t Excavator with Tilt Bucket

Yanmar  1.7 tonne Excavators with a tilt bucket and two others. Buckets: Wide Tilt Bucket 1000mm or Water Race bucket 1000mm and Digging Bucket (tooth 350mm) and Trenching Buckets 250mm or 300mm.

Used for light earth moving jobs, section clearing, digging drainage and cable trenches. These machines are transported on one of our transporters at no extra charge and can be pulled by a suitably sized towing vehicle . They are fitted with rubber tracks. Motive power is by diesel engine. The tracks can be moved out or in to suit access between 950 - 1280mm. It comes on a trailer.

Two other attachments available for the 1.7 tonne excavator include a root rake and a pick/ripper. Select the required attachment from the menu for further detail on specifications and pricing.

Weighs 2.9 tonne including the trailer 

Day: $300
Half Day: $215
24 Hour: $430
Extra Charges
$Fuel: Diesel, Cleaning
Special Requirements
Ear Protection, face protection on dusty days
Towing vehicle must be capable of towing up to 3000kg
Instructions for Use
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