Measuring Wheel

Day: $22
Half Day: $22
24 hours: $28

For ease of measuring approximate distances.

Planer 4.0mm

Day: $35
Half Day: $0
24 hours: $45

This is powerful planer that copes effortlessly with hard woods, even at maximum depth of cut, giving a smooth, consistent finish. It has left and right chip ejection for convenience and a front handle depth control in clearly marked 0.1 mm steps for accurate setting with positive indexing. It is ideal ideal for dressing timber or easing sticking doors or windows.


Day: $44
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $60

Ideal for those jobs that require routing.

Cordless Drill 12v with Torch

Day: $28
Half Day: $28
24 hours: $38

Cordless 12v DeWalt drill with a torch that is useful to see in those dark spots. Both are battery operated and come with a battery charger that takes approx a couple of hours to charge. A standard drill used for drilling holes, screwing in screws etc...

Mitre saw / Drop Saw with Stand

Day: $44
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $60

This mitre saw comes complete with a Stand providing that all essential workplace for cutting timber. The saw can cut both small profiles and large construction timbers up to 110mm x 303mm. It can cut angles up to 49 degrees left or right and has guides providing precision cutting up to 345mm wide. It has stops in place that can be adjusted for the cutting depth and manages to keep most dust away from the cutting area.

The stand is lightweight with folding legs and integrated carry handle providing ease of transportation. It is 1.7m that can be extended to support up to 3.83m for use with large work-pieces and up to 227kg. The work stops can be converted into end stops for repetitive cutting to length

Nail Gun

Day: $55
Half Day: $55
24 hours: $65

Gas operated nail gun and is ideal for framing, joists, roofing, trusses, flooring and decking. It takes between 500mm - 90mm nails. No power supply is required.

Cordless Drill 18v

Day: $33
Half Day: $33
24 hours: $44

This drill is ideal for those smaller jobs requiring a battery powered drill. Comes with battery pack.

Tile Cutter

Day: $40
Half Day: $40
24 hours: $50

This little machine is ideal for cutting those smaller tiles. It has tool-less depth adjustment and a guide.

Circular Saw 235mm

Day: $33
Half Day: $33
24 hours: $44

This particualr saw is ideal for general timber cutting operations in the industrial, commercial, construction or home DIYer applications such as decking, fencing, framing, flooring etc. It is fitted with tungsten toothed blades.

Belt Sander 75mm

Day: $33
Half Day: $33
24 hours: $44

This Belt Sander is suitable for finishing timber or weatherboards etc in preparation for painting or varnish. Not suitable for large areas. The sanding position is visible through a transparent cover, has a variable speed by dial and large trigger and a soft grip handle and sub handle, efficient for corner sanding.