Inverter Generator 2.5kva

Day: $55
Half Day: $45
24 hours: $75

This inverter generator is a quite machine and is ideal for those electronic controlled machines such as electronic pianos. It has a couple of USB ports for charging phones or other electronic devices. Easy to carry.

2 ton Loader

Day: $250
Half Day: $175
24 hours: $325

This 2 ton loader with the pivot steer makes it easy to get the bucket into just the right place. The bucket holds 0.4 cubic metres of material and with the added bonus of being able to be transported on a trailer makes it an ideal machine to shift those piles of soil, shingle, pebbles, mulch, bark and much more around your property. The loader is able to be trailered on our 3.5ton rated trailer requiring the towing vehicle to have 3.5 ton towing capability.

Tip Trailer

Day: $85
Half Day: $65
24 hours: $120

This tip tandem tip trailer is able to hold up to 1.66cubic metres of material or 730kg of dry weight. It is a simple operation requiring the bin to be winched to tip and to bring back into position. Once it reaches 90 degrees it is a matter of rolling teh trailer forward about two feet to get the last of the material out. Ideal for shifting bark or mulch, soil, stones/shingle and metal, firewood, rubbish and general waste and even stock feed.

Chiller Trailer

Day: $200
Half Day: $
24 hours: $

This trailer is great for chilling down the beer, wine and mixers for parties or special events. With the shelves it is also great for keep food cool for those catering events.

3.5ton Excavator with cab

Day: $390
Half Day: $275
24 hours: $505

For those bigger excavating jobs use the 3.5ton Excavator. It comes with a cab keeping you dry and warm when you need to be. It comes with three buckets. Transport is required.

Ride One Mower - 48" cut

Day: $195
Half Day: $130
24 hours: $260

This ride on mower has a cut of 1.11m (48") and is is zero turn. it is ideal for lifestyle block lawns and light commercial mowing adn with the single joystick makes it easy to operate and maneouvre especially around tight spots like trees and garden edging.  Be sure to ensure that there no rocks, large stones, hose pipe, string, twine, cabbage leaves etc that will create issues for the engine or blades lying on the ground before commencing mowing.  It is transported on it's own trailer making it easy to get to your site.

Lawn Roller

Day: $40
Half Day: $30
24 hours: $50

This lawn roller is ideal for lawn preparation. Fill with water on site and start rolling!

2.5ton Twin Drum Vibrating Roller

Day: $350
Half Day: $250
24 hours: $450

Ammann 2.5 ton vibrating roller on Tandem Braked Trailer. 47kN centrifugal force. Drum width 1200mm.

Front and rear vibration drive, 2 working frequencies and pressurised sprinkler system. Great for the slightly heavier compaction jobs and yet can still be trailered!

Brick Saw on Table

Day: $85
Half Day: $50
24 hours: $

This brick saw comes on a table and is deal for cutting masonry such as bricks and pavers. It has a guide rail system that provides precise cuts leaving a professional finish. Easy to operate and manouuevre.

Brick Cutter

Day: $95
Half Day: $70
24 hours: $

This cutter is ideal for cutting masonry such as bricks and pavers. It has a gude rail system that allow for precise cuttng leaving a professional finish.