Ride One Mower - 48" cut

Day: $195
Half Day: $130
24 hours: $260

This ride on mower has a cut of 1.11m (48") and is is zero turn. it is ideal for lifestyle block lawns and light commercial mowing adn with the single joystick makes it easy to operate and maneouvre especially around tight spots like trees and garden edging.  Be sure to ensure that there no rocks, large stones, hose pipe, string, twine, cabbage leaves etc that will create issues for the engine or blades lying on the ground before commencing mowing.  It is transported on it's own trailer making it easy to get to your site.

Lawn Roller

Day: $40
Half Day: $30
24 hours: $50

This lawn roller is ideal for lawn preparation. Fill with water on site and start rolling!

2.5ton Twin Drum Vibrating Roller

Day: $350
Half Day: $250
24 hours: $450

Ammann 2.5 ton vibrating roller on Tandem Braked Trailer. 47kN centrifugal force. Drum width 1200mm.

Front and rear vibration drive, 2 working frequencies and pressurised sprinkler system. Great for the slightly heavier compaction jobs and yet can still be trailered!

Brick Saw on Table

Day: $85
Half Day: $50
24 hours: $

This brick saw comes on a table and is deal for cutting masonry such as bricks and pavers. It has a guide rail system that provides precise cuts leaving a professional finish. Easy to operate and manouuevre.

Brick Saw on table (Electric)

Day: $100
Half Day: $125
24 hours: $150

This brick saw is ideal for cutting masonry such as bricks and pavers. It has a gude rail system that allow for precise cuttng leaving a professional finish. Price includes diamond blade wear.

Tile Cutter Radial Arm Saw Bench

Day: $65
Half Day: $85
24 hours: $110

Used for precision cuts on a variety of tiles and sizes.

7 ton Loader with cab and laodright scales

Day: $400
Half Day: $300
24 hours: $500

This 7 ton HItachi Loader is easy to use and is ideal for bigger moving jobs. It comes with a cab so you can work in all weathers and keep dry and cool! It also has loadrite scales attached for those precise weighing jobs. Transport is required.

Excavator 5ton

Day: $395
Half Day: $295
24 hours: $495

The largest in our excavator range is this zero swing YANMAR.

Fitted with a full quick release bucket hitch that enables the operator to change buckets without leaving the seat.

Boring Head and auger for our 2.2 ton Excavator

Day: $135
Half Day: $100
24 hours: $175

Boring head and augers for our 2.2ton Excavator. Works a treat! Auger sizes are 600mm, 300mm and 200mm in diameter.
When pricing, be sure to include the price of the excavator.

Plate Compactor 500kg

Day: $150
Half Day: $110
24 hours: $190

These compactors are used for smaller areas where ride on rollers haven't got access.

They are driven by diesel motors and have the ability to hydraulically drive themselves forward or backwards.

They come on their own purpose built trailer for ease of picking up and delivering or moving from site to site.

Great for small driveway preparation or repairing dig outs in roadways.