1.2 ton Excavator

Day: $300
Half Day: $205
24 hours: $375

At 1.2 ton and measuring at its smallest width of 820mm, this is the ideal machine to get access to those narrow spaces around your property. It is also ideal for those trenching jobs in these challenging Canterbury soils to say the least. This excavator comes with three buckets. It can be trailered and also partnered up with our 1 ton 3-way track dumper.

2.5 ton Excavator

Day: $350
Half Day: $250
24 hours: $450

This 2.5ton excavator is the maximum sized trailer that can be trailered. Towing vehilces must be able to tow 3.5 ton. It comes with a tilt diggging, trench and wide set of buckets.

3.5ton Excavator with cab

Day: $390
Half Day: $275
24 hours: $505

For those bigger excavating jobs use the 3.5ton Excavator. It comes with a cab keeping you dry and warm when you need to be. It comes with three buckets. Transport is required.

Excavator 5ton

Day: $395
Half Day: $295
24 hours: $495

The largest in our excavator range is this zero swing YANMAR.

Fitted with a full quick release bucket hitch that enables the operator to change buckets without leaving the seat.

Boring Head and auger for our 2.2 ton Excavator

Day: $135
Half Day: $110
24 hours: $190

Boring head and augers for our 2.2ton Excavator. Works a treat! Auger sizes are 600mm, 300mm and 200mm in diameter.
When pricing, be sure to include the price of the excavator.