Semi Trash Pump 50mm

Day: $55
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $77

This pump is capable of removing water containing particulate matter and small solid objects such as algae, sand, leaves etc... It is a self-priming pump and comes with a suction hose and an outlet hose. Extra outlet hoses can be supplied if required.

Hot Water blaster

Day: $99
Half Day: $77
24 hours: $138

Karcher’s electric hot/cold (diesel for hot option) water high-pressure cleaner.

Very user-friendly due to one-button-operation.

Spray Tank (200L)

Day: $55
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $77

Use this spray tank to remove those weeds. It is a motorised knap-sack with a 10 metre hose.
Put it on the back of your ute or trailer or some other means of transport.

Spray Tank (650L) with trailer

Day: $138
Half Day: $105
24 hours: $176

Use this to control those pesky weeds such as broom, gorse etc. Consists of a hand gun with 50 metres of hose and an optional boom. Use our trailer.

Does require triple rinsing on completion.

Knapsack Sprayer

Day: $22
Half Day: $13
24 hours: $28

Use this to spray those smaller areas of weeds and the like. It consists of a pump handle with a wand.

Pump 50mm

Day: $55
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $77

Use this water pump for those slightly larger pumping jobs. It comes with hoses and fittings as required.

Submersible Pump

Day: $50
Half Day: $40
24 hours: $80

This pump is capable of being submersed in water. It has 50mm and is electric powered. Great for those smaller water jobs.

Paddle Float 36" (Kelly Float)

Day: $90
Half Day: $70
24 hours: $115

Paddle Float ( or else known as Kelly Float) that is petrol powered and has adjustable blades. Use for that nice smooth finish on concrete pads. Also comes with a trailer designed specifically to lift the paddle float and swing on or off the pad - remove the need for that extra person at the end of the job

Construction Laser

Day: $90
Half Day: $65
24 hours: $105

The ML 13x is a semi-automatic Dual Slope Laser. Fast and Easy Setup – Fully automatic self-leveling allows the operator to setup with just the push of one button. No level bubbles or screws to adjust! Large ±9% (±5 degrees) self-leveling range makes this possible! During work, the automatic self-leveling keeps the beam horizontal, even as the laser is exposed to knocks and vibration. The large LCD display shows all setting and the battery condition. Rugged design – The ML 13x is built to be strong and robust, with the rotor head sealed in a glass housing, making the laser 100% watertight and dust-proof. 600 RPM makes the ML 13x perfect for machine control applications as well as use with normal handheld detectors. The ML 13x is supplied in a transport case with batteries, fast charger and Hand Detector HS 10. Staff and Stand is also included.

Bull Float 48"

Day: $30
Half Day: $25
24 hours: $38

For finishing concrete after screeding, these floats are the thing to use. By turning the handle you can tilt the float to suit whether it is going forward or backwards. The handle comes with up to 3 length extensions, each extension is 6 feet (1.83 metres).