Loader 4ton with Multi - Grapple

Day: $372
Half Day: $242
24 hours: $473

The Versatile Grapple must be the most useful tool you could think of because of the number of applications that it's good for. These include: rocks, logs, tree removal, hay bales, root rake, prunings, rubbish, and much more. The exceptional clamping force and 16mm super high strength tines make this grapple a true multi-tasker.

This piece of eqipment attaches to our 4 ton loader and can be either delivered to your site for an extra charge, or if you have your Wheels, Tracks and Roller licence and the job is within a short distance of Darfield, it is registered to drive on the road.

Remember to add the 4ton Loader price to your overall pricing.

Loader 4ton with Bucket

Day: $297
Half Day: $198
24 hours: $396

This Yanmar 4ton loader is a manouverable 4 wheel hydrostatic drive machine. It comes with a bucket capable of holding 0.6cubic metres of material. It is a great great size for those smaller jobs found on lifestyle blocks or large sections. It is also great on the roads, civil works and the like for loading trucks, shifting soil or similar materials, and general clean up jobs. It is easy to drive and is road worthy complete with registration for the road, whirly light and horn. If traveling some distance, it does need to be transported by either us or will fit on a 5ton+ truck.

Dual Axel Transporter

Day: $90
Half Day: $75
24 hours: $105

Car Transporter with a winch. Comes with ramps that are stored over the mud-guards and a jack on the back right corner providing the extra stability when driving/winching on a vehicle. It comes with electric braking. Used to shift cars, vintage vehicles and tractors amongst others.

Single Axle Trailer with Mesh Crate

Day: $55
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $77

Single Axle Trailer with Mesh Crate. Crate door opens. Drop down gates front and back. At 2.4m long and 1.2m wide, it is great for carting smaller items, firewood and even garden rubbish.

Tandem Axle Trailer with Mesh Crate 2.4m x 1.5m

Day: $66
Half Day: $55
24 hours: $90

Tandem Axle Trailer with Mesh Crate. Crate door opens. Drop down gates front and back. At 2.4m long by 1.5m wide, it is ideal for carting smaller stuff including firewood and garden rubbish

Diesel Heater 1 burner

Day: $80
Half Day: $60
24 hours: $100

This infra red diesel heater is smaller than our 2 burner Diesel Heater. With the infra red technology it is able to transfer heat directly to the object without loss of heat or air movement. It is easy to use and holds up to 35L of diesel. It has one burner with one power setting (On). It is ideal for heating up medium sized spaces such as woolsheds for parties, workshops etc.

Diesel Heater 2 burner

Day: $80
Half Day: $60
24 hours: $105

The Val 6 heater produces 32kw and is considered a top of the range heating item. It has 2 levels of heat - High or Low. It is suited for heating larger areas such as workshops, woolsheds or warehouse type buildings. It requires a single phase power supply for operation. A handle is at one end and wheels at the other which makes moving the heater around the building easy. The diesel tank is at the bottom of the heater and holds up to 40L of diesel.


Day: $75
Half Day: $55
24 hours: $105

This dehumidifier is a heavy duty machine capable of removing up to 65Ltrs per day (30 degrees celsius). It has an efficient water extraction system - be sure to have the attached hose into a bucket or trailing outside.

It is ideal for carpet drying and flood restoration work drawing out moisture from carpet, underlay, walls, sub-floor, building structure and furnishings. Other applications can include drying rooms, pool areas, food processing, archive storage and much more.

The carpet dryers/blowers are also a useful addition to dry out carpet that has been flooded.

Tandem Horse Flost

Day: $90
Half Day: $70
24 hours: $110

Tandem horse float that is fully braked, tows confortably and holds up to two horses or equivalent. Front window for the horses to see through, Fully enclosed, ventilated and fitted with a rubber mat. Centre and front dividers can be removed for the purposed of furniture removal. 100% watertight.


Day: $100
Half Day: $80
24 hours: $120

The lawn scarifier is used to de-thatch enabling the lawn to rejuvenate. It is designed to only go to a maximum depth of 2.55cm - just enough to remove the matted thatch with centrifugal force.

Underneath is a series of blades that rotate and the height can be adjusted to suit the depth required.

In most situations the lawn should be de-thatched in one direction and then again at 90 degrees to the first cut.