Groundhog Earth Drill with Augers

Day: $160
Half Day: $115
24 hours: $205

The Ground Hog is a Hydraulic Earth-drill that is designed to be powerful and easy to use by one operator. It does have a reverse which is useful if the auger gets stuck.

It is designed to being almost perfectly balanced with an 8-inch auger attached, and the right angle design eliminates torque to the operator. There are also 3 handlebar positions that allow for normal drilling, as well as close up drilling next to an obstacle such as a wall or fence. The drilling head also pivots from side to side for drilling on uneven terrain. It also has large highway rated tyres making it easy to maneuver around the job site and there is a locking mechanism on the digging head that allows the auger to be held up and out of the way for moving the machine around the job without having to disconnect the auger.

Use this machine in hard to reach places to dig holes such as under houses, up against fence lines or buildings etc as well as out in the open. It comes with its own trailer.

Rotary Tiller

Day: $110
Half Day: $85
24 hours: $155

Rotary Tiller with front tynes and is ideal for ground previously worked over and has the ability to dig deep into the soil. It comes with it's own trailer.

Lawn Mower

Day: $50
Half Day: $35
24 hours: $65

Our lawnmowers are 4 stroke Masport mowers. They come with catchers making for easy clean-up.

Lawn Trimmer

Day: $85
Half Day: $65
24 hours: $105

The lawn trimmer is perfect for those jobs where there are a lot of weeds and tall grass around those hard to reach spots to remove. It is on large tyres making it very manouvreable and also very light. The nylon line used is heavy duty. As an alternative to the line trimmer sticks, it is easier on the back especially for those bigger jobs.

Ride One Mower - 48" cut

Day: $195
Half Day: $130
24 hours: $260

This ride on mower has a cut of 1.11m (48") and is is zero turn. it is ideal for lifestyle block lawns and light commercial mowing adn with the single joystick makes it easy to operate and maneouvre especially around tight spots like trees and garden edging.  Be sure to ensure that there no rocks, large stones, hose pipe, string, twine, cabbage leaves etc that will create issues for the engine or blades lying on the ground before commencing mowing.  It is transported on it's own trailer making it easy to get to your site.

Lawn Roller

Day: $40
Half Day: $30
24 hours: $50

This lawn roller is ideal for lawn preparation. Fill with water on site and start rolling!

Ride on Mower 48" cut

Day: $195
Half Day: $130
24 hours: $260

This ride on mower is easy to use. It is hydrastatic so all you have to do is press the pedal to go forward or back and steer!